Taste courses

A good espresso is the union among a high quality blend, product knowledge and a precise technique in its preparation by using a professional machine.

To this end, we offer our clients, for those who are interested in expounding upon the world of coffee and in refining the preparation techniques of the true espresso, the possibility of participating to our targeted courses, held by our expert staff at the company or at the point of sale.



Short journey in the world of coffee.

  • Knowledge of the origins and of the different types.
  • Processes which characterizes our products.


Focus on the knowledge of the espresso preparation techniques in its various facets, covering all the aspects which contribute to the very best end result.

  • Proper preservation
  • Grinding
  • Pressing
  • Extraction’s times
  • Preparation of cappuccino and milk processing to obtain an absolutely perfect cream
  • Care and cleaning of the equipment

We organize educational laboratories in collaboration with school institutes.