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30 April 2018

Tenerina cake: a love story

Tenerina is an ancient traditional cake in Ferrara. A legend tells that king Vittorio Emanuele III created this cake for his wife, Elena Petrovich from Montenegro. The new cake was expected to express Elena's strong character - with a golden crust - as well as her sweetness, with a tender chocolate heart. Our tenerina is […]
18 April 2018

La Brasiliana received Prime Company Award for the highest financial reliability rating

Prime Company prize is awarded once a year  to Italian Companies having the highest financial reliability rating. According to CRIBIS data, less than 8% of societies satisfy these requirements and La Brasiliana does. “We are glad to learn that our policy is appreciated” said Pierluigi Govoni, Financial Director La Brasiliana “we are strongly committed to develop honest […]
18 April 2018

La Brasiliana gets on track with Ducati and Barni Racing Team

Excellence, team work, hard working are the values  we both rely on. For this reason, La Brasiliana decided to support Barni Racing Team, tree young, enthusiastic champions riding Ducati in Moto GP, Superbike and CIV races. Few months ago, Giancarlo and Pierluigi Govoni met Michele Pirro and set a partnership with his team: Michele Pirro, […]
21 March 2017

Coffee Smoothie – Energy and active metabolism!

Here it is the recipe to prepare an elixir that will give you the morning jolt, before practice sports activating the metabolism! Ingredients: Almond Milk Unsweetened (you find it in supermarkets bio), 200 ml cold coffee two cups A banana cut into pieces held at least an hour in the freezer (100 GR) Aroma Cinnamon […]
6 February 2017

Can coffee be used after the expiry date?

  It's always a good rule before you buy a food product to check the expiry date and the shelf life of coffee indicated on the bags is 18th months, in the case of ecological bags can get off at 12 months. But we must remember that the coffee is part of those products that […]
14 December 2016

When good wine joins good coffee!

Gianmarco Tognazzi at “ Al Centrale” Cafè La Brasiliana in Ferrara City Center -  Via Mazzini. Daniele told us how he knew Gianmarco Tognazzi popular actor and son of another great Italian actor, Ugo Tognazzi, who has  recently started to produce excellent wines: “ Gianmarco Tognazzi came to visit my cafè in Ferrara city center, […]
3 November 2016

What Caffeine is?

Caffeine, actually, is a white and crystalline powder that is found in various products, not just in coffee! Some of these products are tea, guarana seeds, kola nuts, mate leaves and in a small percentage, in cocoa. In addition to the adjuvant properties for the metabolism, energy and concentration, it is already well known draining […]
3 November 2016

All the varieties of Cold Coffee

AHHH COLD COFFEE! HOW MANY VARIETIES!  COLD! SO MANY VARIETIES! YET, DO WE KNOW THEM ALL? The warm weather is arriving and the same variations that are offered by espresso we find them in the cold coffee…just to complicate the life of bartenders a little bit! The important thing is that both the bartender and […]
12 July 2016

La Brasiliana Coffee is “Squisito”!

We present you the new shared logo blend La Brasiliana – Aromatic: Delicious! It is the new blend produced for one of our best German clients, a collaboration of two logos aimed at offering the clients of Aromatico a new choice a taste and a new packaging that is a shared concept: style and quality. Composition: 80% Arabica 20% […]