Can coffee be used after the expiry date?

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20 January 2017
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It’s always a good rule before you buy a food product to check the expiry date and the shelf life of coffee indicated on the bags is 18th months, in the case of ecological bags can get off at 12 months.

But we must remember that the coffee is part of those products that don’t have a real expiry date but musf follow the tip “ best before…”, and this statement is a suggestion of use that inform the consumer that the company doesn’t guarantee the state of preservation and the organoleptic properties of the product.

The Coffee, can be included in those foods that can be consumed even after the expiry date on the condition that the the vacuum seal has remained intact for all the time and the bag has not been kept in damp locations or in contact with heat sources.

The state of preservation is important to define if the product is still good, in fact, the only problem that the coffee expired can generate is the loss of the aroma and the taste but in any case, never consume  it after 6 months from the date of expiry.

Here are some ways to see if the coffee that we are using is still good:

• Open the package

• Check that inside the bag there are lumps

• Try to make a mocha and if the taste of coffee is still good and he hasn’t lost its flavour, you can enjoy the bag of coffee expired.

La Brasiliana coffee is a coffee produced just after the customer orders it and for the bar is produced a few days before the representatives deliver them!

La Brasiliana coffee offers the guarantee of a  fresh, fragrant and aromatic coffee Always!

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