Coffee Cream and Candied Ginger

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20 January 2017
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6 February 2017

First of all we teach you how to prepare candied ginger that’s really easy to do even at home! The root keeps all its healthy properties and both flavors sweet and spicy result perfectly balanced. One word about ginger healthy properties: it’s a good for digestion, it fights stomach acidity, it calms cough down and regulates blood sugar level.

And now let’s start!

Peel ginger root, wash and cut it in slight slices then boil it in a little water for about 40 minutes. Water must only cover ginger slices. Drip and weigh slices and then pour in a pot the same quantity of cane sugare and ginger. If you prefere a light version you can use the same quantity of agaves jouice. Join again water covering slices and cook them at low temperatures mixing  from time to time for 35 minutes. Switch the fire off once you’ve obtained a syrup and let ginger dry laying upon greaseproof paper.

1 Kg La Brasiliana Coffee cream can be easily prepared using 3 lt of low fat milk UHT and NO OTHER ADDED INGREDIENTS. SPECIAL FORMULATION allow to fill the machine up to the maximum capacity for 3 TIMES and have high number of portions (up to 90 glasses of 60ml) compared to the average of products available for sales now.

Garnish coffee cream with candied ginger slices and sprinkle with roasted hazelnuts! Enjoy it!

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