About La Brasiliana: 1948 – 2019


Granfather Carlo Govoni started the business in 1948 opening a little coffee shop in the heart of Ferrara. He finally switched on the roasting machine bought from an old butcher during the 2nd WW and the smell of coffee suddenly spread and impressed the passers-by.
A delivery man misteriously come form Africa supplied coffee riding his bike all around the town. His name was Ailù and his portait has been the icon of La Brasiliana for years. That's why you can guess his shape into the iconic "B" of the modern brand.
In the '60s Carlo's sons Nino, Tina, Corrado and Tino created first quality blends conceived for espresso machines. Daytime they manufactured the blends and in the late evening they delivered their fresh-roasted coffee to bars and restaurants.
Nowadays our family Company, managed by Gian Carlo and Pierluigi Govoni, provides more than 700 professional customers in Italy and worldwide.



We love coffee and we accurately handle every single detail of manufacturing process: we roast coffee beans every day and we aim at delivering extra fresh coffee to our customers. We are committed to make every cup of espresso spread the unique aroma of La Brasiliana fine blends.


We give you full details about origins and composition of our blends. The only secret we keep is the heritage that transforms a simple coffee in an amazing espresso experience.


We respect every single person we work with. Both our customers and staff are resources supporting the development of our working environment. Our Company will furthter develop if we boost professional growth and wellbeing of "La Brasiliana people".


We are personally involved in ensuring top quality of our processes and products. We select suppliers complying with our values and standards.