Coffee Smoothie – Energy and active metabolism!

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6 February 2017
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2 March 2018

Here it is the recipe to prepare an elixir that will give you the morning jolt, before practice sports activating the metabolism!
Almond Milk Unsweetened (you find it in supermarkets bio),
200 ml cold coffee two cups
A banana cut into pieces held at least an hour in the freezer (100 GR)
Aroma Cinnamon
Rice Oil a spoon (10 GR)
Almonds 4-5
Dry coconut (8 GR)
Activate the blender and breakfast or a snack are ready!
Calories are about 370 and nutritional principles are all present: Vitamin E, C, iron, potassium, antioxidants and the cinnamon helps to lower the glycemic index. If you like it sweeter you can add a teaspoon of honey!

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