From the truly traditional Marfisa to the very exclusive Custom Made 85/15, discover our unique blends-the essence of quality and innovation in each and every cup.


Born over 40 years ago from the genuine passion of Nino Govoni - in his constant and daring search for a blend that would surprise his customers - today Marfisa is a truly uniquely timeless blend.

A delicate balance of the best Central American Arabicas and the finest Asian Robusta makes Marfisa a coffee blend that stands out in so many ways: the creamy, slightly nutty colour, the velvety texture. Its light and slightly fruity body, its intense aroma - with chocolate and hazelnut hints that also come through in the aroma - and its high persistence make Marfisa truly distinctive. Because of its fruity taste, Marfisa is the perfect coffee blend for pastry shops, but can also be easily adapted to a wide variety of coffee preparations thanks to its versatility. Discover its refined and distinctive taste.
The Marfisa blend is available in the following sizes:
1000g beans
250g beans
250g ground
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Extra represents the harmoniously balanced combination of the sweetness and aroma of Brazilian Arabica and the body and persistence of Robusta from the best plantations in India and Vietnam. 

Characterised by a rich and complex flavour profile, this blend offers a satisfying taste experience with chocolate flavours and a full body. Extra is an exceptionally pleasant blend to drink, with a strong, dense taste. It is ideal for those seeking a coffee with a consistent body and a lingering aftertaste.
Extra Blend is available in the following sizes:
1000g beans
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Oro Blu

Oro Blu is the ideal blend for those in search of a cup of coffee that has both a rich flavour and is pleasant to drink, thanks to its delicate combination of sweetness, full-body and acidity. 

The careful selection of a fine Brazilian Arabica variety and three excellent Robusta varieties result in a top-quality blend with a sweet aroma, which bears caramel and chocolate notes and an appealing floral scent.

Full-bodied and velvety in the cup, Oro Blu will be a great companion for every coffee lover through every moment of the day, from the morning breakfast to the afternoon break.
Oro Blu Blend is available in the following sizes:
1000g beans
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The perfect coffee blend for all those who do not want to give up the quality and taste of an excellent coffee, but with a reduced caffeine dosage of less than 0.10%.

The Decaffeinato blend is the result of a specially developed roasting process and the incorporation of modern decaffeination methods to guarantee the same quality that characterises all our blends every day. 

The velvety texture of its creamy, light hazelnut colour and soft body are combined with a complex, rich aroma with hints of chocolate, nuts and spices. For a delicate coffee with a unique taste, yet caffeine-free.
Decaffeinated Blend is available in the following sizes:
1000g beans
250g beans
250g ground
150 pods
100 FAP capsules
40 single-dose packets
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Custom Made 85/15

Specially crafted for the 75th anniversary since the foundation of the roasting company, Custom Made 85/15 is one of our blends of excellence.

Created with care and passion, using the best Arabica coffees from Central America and an excellent Indian Robusta variety, this blend is able to satisfy even the most demanding tasters. 

Custom made 85/15 excels with its complex and incredibly fragrant aroma: when tasting, you immediately perceive chocolate, hazelnut and caramel notes, which give the blend a rich and intense aroma. Later more delicate notes of fresh fruit - cherry, plum and apricot - of flowers and also of spices such as cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg emerge. An enveloping and structured blend to be enjoyed over and over again, to perceive its many different nuances with each taste.
Custom Made 85/15 Blend is available in the following sizes:
1000g beans
250g beans
250g ground
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100% Arabica

The finest beans from Central America, carefully selected and roasted to offer our customers a pure Arabica blend that is truly unforgettable. 

Its delicately hazelnut-coloured roast and fruity aromas of blackberry, blackcurrant and pine make 100% Arabica a one-off brew. Balanced and pleasant to drink, the blend leaves a round, long and persistent aftertaste.

This mix is ideal for those who like a coffee with a light body and a sweet, fruity taste. Perfect to be enjoyed at breakfast or in the afternoon, during a quality break, our 100% Arabica also goes well with milk.

The blend is ideal to be enjoyed alone, in an espresso, or along with milk, in a creamy cappuccino.
100% Arabica Blend is available in the following sizes:
1000g beans
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SuperMoka 100% Robusta

A high-quality blend with an intense aroma, a pronounced aroma of dark chocolate and clear, predominant spicy notes. 

Our 100% Robusta coffee has a strong, assertive taste and is ideal for lovers of full-bodied coffee. The various origins of the beans grant the cup a full body, a slight acidity and a distinct and persistent taste. 

The separate roasting of the origins (characteristic of every LA BRASILIANA products) is a particularly important aspect in the production of this blend, since during the roasting process the spicy and dark chocolate notes are enhanced to the highest degree.
SuperMoka 100% Robusta Blend is available in the following sizes:
1000g beans
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SuperMoka Smart Coffee

Smart Coffee is a coffee blend with an intense and strong aroma profile, a chocolatey and fruity taste and a dense body. Its dark brown coloured cream has a smooth, velvety texture, while its aroma is distinct and persistent. It is the ideal coffee for those who seek a rich taste in the cup, a strong body and a long-lasting aftertaste.

This blend is very versatile and can be enjoyed in a number of ways, from espresso to cappuccino to American coffee. A product of the highest quality, offering a unique taste experience. 

Smart Coffee's traditional recipe, handed down carefully in the company for almost twenty years, is what makes this blend one of a kind.
SuperMoka Smart Coffee Blend is available in the following sizes:
1000g beans
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Spirit of India

Spirit of India Plantation AA is a single origin coffee from the best plantations throughout India. 

A coffee of the highest quality, it offers a unique and refined tasting experience, perfect for specialty coffee lovers looking for a premium product. Its berries, grown with care and attention, are harvested only when they reach the perfect ripeness. 

The beans are washed and sun-dried, then cleaned and sorted one by one using a process called 'zero defects'. In the cup, Spirit of India releases complex and fine bouquet notes, with distinct hints of honey and vanilla, enriched by a light scent of green tea and a background of cocoa. 

The body is balanced, elegant, and full. The taste is sweet and rich, backed by a pleasant acidity and citrusy, mildly spicy notes. This blend is perfect to enjoy at breakfast or after a meal, for a chic coffee break.
Spirit of India Blend is available in the following sizes:
250g ground
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The Perfect Moka

The ultimate moka blend, pleasant and balanced, perfect for starting the day in the very best way. 

The velvety creaminess of this blend is a beautiful light brown, while the sweet, floral aroma-which features notes of caramel, chocolate and flowers. The low acidity combined with a specially developed grinding for the moka pot allows for a thick and creamy cup of coffee at home, just like at the café.
The Perfect Moka Blend is available in the following sizes:
250g vacuum-packed ground
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