You can confidently rely on the La Brasiliana Method:

After extensive study of successful venues in Italy, we have developed the La Brasiliana Method: the definitive system that all the best ones apply to achieve success and grow every year.

We live our bars every day, and that's why we understand the challenges faced by those managing a venue

Since 1948, we have been working in the world of bars, and in recent years, we have opened four venues of our own. Today, more than ever, we understand the needs and priorities of a barista. We know what it means to manage a venue: customers, staff, suppliers, taxes to pay, a thousand things to think about, and too many hours of work every day. We understand that daily activities consume us entirely, but we also realize that only those who strategize emerge from the competition.
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6 Reasons to Choose La Brasiliana

Choosing a coffee supplier is not easy, and changing it is even more complicated. You must be sure that you will have a significant advantage because it is the most important strategic partner for your business. We give you six good reasons why many entrepreneurs like you have chosen La Brasiliana and are happy they did


The coffee supplier, among all the suppliers for your business, is the one that can help you the most in growing your business. That's why the wrong supplier can be the bottleneck preventing your business from taking off. If you're tired of the same coffee sellers and are looking for a partner with whom to innovate and make progress, you'll want to consider choosing La Brasiliana. With us, you can finally realize your projects, improve the management of your business, and live more serenely. Do you know why? Because for over 70 years, we have been collaborating with entrepreneurs like you and know well what you need to work better.


G.P.G. SRL is the La Brasiliana group company that manages our own bars. For this reason, we can say that, like you, we know well what it means to manage a business:

- Many hours behind the counter and zero free time
- You have to smile at everyone
- You can't stop to plan and organize

Our own bars are the pilot stores where we experiment with new products and the most advanced sales techniques. This way, you are sure that we propose only opportunities already tested and guaranteed success, even in your venue. This saves you time, avoids risks, and maximizes results.


La Brasiliana coffee is not only good but is designed to lighten your work at the counter. For 70 years, we have been working with baristas and know well what expectations are for coffee: it must be easy to handle and pair well with the accompanying products, it must have a compact crema, and a consistent cup yield. That's why we have studied one blend for each barista.


Coffee Business School is our Coffee Academy, which offers tailor-made training courses for you and your staff. Training and updating are essential. At the Coffee Business School, you can do it with a limited investment of time and money. Courses are organized based on your professional commitments and your specific training needs. This way, you don't have to close the bar, and you only learn useful things.


It is known that to get a good espresso, it is important that the equipment is of good quality and in perfect working order. We choose together with you the equipment most suitable for your bar, taking into account the type of work you will do and the available space. Our Technical Support service is always at your disposal to keep the equipment in perfect efficiency. In case of a breakdown, our Emergency Response technicians prevent you from having to interrupt work, losing money and customers. Do you also want to take the worry of equipment off your mind?


When you become a La Brasiliana partner, you stay always updated on the tricks of the trade and the latest industry news. You have direct contact with our trainers, technicians, and experts who answer your questions in real-time.

In the Barista Blog, you find curiosities, updates, and useful information for us in the trade.

Technical support 7 days a week

Our technical support service is available to you 7 days a week, with specialized professionals for the repair of your equipment.

Our Emergency Response teams are always in the territory, ready to give you a hand with the equipment when you need it.
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Coffee Business School

Coffee courses but not only: to manage a venue well, you also need entrepreneurial skills that you can learn easily and quickly at the Coffee Business School.

Little theory and a lot of practice

The courses always have a good portion of workshops, so the learned techniques are immediately put into practice, adjusted, and consolidated.

Customized schedules

The schedules and dates of the lessons are established based on your work organization, so you don't have to close the venue or work with reduced staff.

Not just coffee

Coffee Business School has also thought about training modules on other topics for you, such as food cost and sales techniques.

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