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Upgrade your coffee experience with our selection of items and accessories

Merch & Accessories

In our Merch & Accessories section, you will find everything you need to upgrade your coffee experience, whether you are a coffee professional or an enthusiast. From elegant espresso, cappuccino and chocolate cups to handy paper cups, lids and stirrers, not to mention exclusive La Brasiliana signature aprons and clocks. Each accessory is designed to combine functionality and aesthetics, reflecting the brand's quality and style. Discover how to enrich your coffee service or personal collection to include smart and practical accessories.
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Phone: +39 0532 97 51 90
Ferrara Headquarters: Via V. Veneziani, 52 44124 Ferrara
Torrefazione La Brasiliana Srl | Via V. Veneziani, 52 44124 Ferrara | Phone: (+39) 0532 97 51 90 | VAT ID: 01515820387 | Business Registry No. 173990
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Fano Branch (PU): Via delle Ginestre 21/a – 61032 Fano – Phone: 0721 800214

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