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Learn about the legacy of La Brasiliana: a story of passion over coffee that combines family tradition and innovation, with values guiding towards a successful future for the Italian coffee industry

Company History

La Brasiliana was founded in Ferrara, thanks to the intuition of Carlo, the great-grandfather, who spotted a few coffee-roasting machines in the warehouse of a friend and fellow charcuterie seller. Without hesitation, he bought them, confident of their future usefulness. 

As the war ended new beginnings followed, and Carlo and his three sons, Giuliano (affectionately called Nino), Onesta (Tina) and Corrado, decided to display one of those machines in the window of their shop in the heart of the city of Ferrara, marking the beginning of a new era. 

The inviting aroma of freshly roasted coffee began to fill the streets of the Jewish ghetto, attracting numerous curious passers-by and coffee lovers to the Govoni's shop. Success was both immediate and tangible, with an increase in all the shop's sales, not only within the shop itself but also in the surroundings of the area of Ferrara, thanks to Ailù, the company's very first delivery boy, who delivered products first by bicycle and then by apecar, wearing a characteristic hat and a red uniform with gold buttons.

Tina Govoni, now ninety-nine years old and considered the best saleswoman in the shop at the time, continues to share these memories with deep love. Ailù, who became such a beloved symbol of the family as to be pictured in the company's first logo in a stylised version, represents the strong affection and deep bond that ties the family's history with the birth and development of Torrefazione La Brasiliana.

Family business

Since 1948, La Brasiliana has been run by four generations of the family, starting with Carlo, the great-grandfather, whose vision was later widened by his children Nino, Tina and Corrado. Later, between 1980 and 1985, Nino's sons Gian Carlo and Pierluigi joined the company.

Elisabetta, the eldest daughter, entered the team around 1990, after enriching her experience overseas and obtaining a degree in Linguistics, contributing significantly to the company's international expansion in Germany, Austria, Holland, the Czech Republic, Poland and Korea. Gian Carlo, current CEO, promotes entrepreneurship and innovative management in the Italian hospitality industry, focusing the company's environment on talent development and skills enhancement. 

Pierluigi, CFO, focuses on financial management and corporate resource development, as well as managing relationships with suppliers and green coffee traders thanks to his long standing experience. In June 2023, Carlotta, Elisabetta's second daughter and the first representative of the fourth generation, also joined the management team. With a degree in Financial Market Economy and a Masters in Management from the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan, Carlotta heads the marketing department and coordinates international relations, bringing new energy and vision to the family tradition.

Values, Vision, Mission

Our company is built on tradition, innovation, commitment to quality, expertise and individual development. These principles drive our commitment to sustainable development and production innovation, enriched by our long-term history. We seek to promote the culture of Italian espresso globally, offering high quality coffee for all tastes, both at a public and domestic level. We are dedicated to long-lasting and mutually beneficial partnerships, aiming for an ever-growing presence in the market, faithful to customer satisfaction and product excellency.

Our goal is to provide a ultimate tasting experience, founded on a passion for coffee, continuous training, teamwork and deep respect for our consumers. We aim to offer a retreat from the daily hustle, sharing our enthusiasm with those who appreciate fine coffee.

Achieving excellence in every cup is more than just ambition; it is a promise that is kept through decades of commitment, teamwork and constant learning. We are dedicated to spreading the essence of Italian espresso around the world, allowing coffee lovers to enjoy uncompromising quality, the result of close collaboration with green coffee producers and the careful selection of the best Arabica and Robusta varieties. Our unique approach to roasting, focused on meeting today's demand, allows us to maintain the freshness and aromatic integrity of our cherished blends, prized in Italy and abroad for over 75 years.

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