Our range of products includes top-quality hot drinks manufactured by excellent Italian partners of us. La Brasiliana drinks are up-to-date with the latest market trends, providing your customers a unique taste experience. Alternative hot drinks give you a great opportunity to increase your turnover and boost your profits.

Tenerina cake 2x10g

COD. 00500- POP x 24 portions
Have you ever tasted "tenerina" cake before? Tenerina is an excellent Italian pastry product: a sweet, golden crust hides a tender chocolate filling. The 20g, shrink-wrapped portion preserves a delicious freshly-backed aroma. Tenerina is gluten free and carefully manufactured in Ferrara with organic chocolate.

Mixed berry tea

COD. 00835 - 15 portions
A sweet, berry flavoured tea. The innovative stay-fresh packing enhances taste and aroma. This unconventional tea perfectly matches with a restful relaxing break.

Tropical fruit tea

COD. 00836 - 15 portions
Your customers will enjoy this enchanting, exotic tea.


COD. 00830 - 15 portions
La Brasiliana selected top-quality tea aiming at satisfying tea lovers' preferences. The innovative stay-fresh pack enhance aroma and taste.

COD. 00554- 100 portions
Your clients will relax with this mixed camomilla infusion.

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