Coffee lovers since 1948.

In 1948 granfather Carlo Govoni opened up the very first roastery and coffee shop in Ferrara.
Ever since, our whole family felt in love with coffee. For 70 years we have been selecting and roasting top quality coffee beans, aiming at creating the perfect blend.

Now the Company is lead by Gian Carlo and Pierluigi Govoni. 15 people are employed and 10 sales manager take care of customer in Italy and abroad.
Exploiting innovations and state-of-the-art technologies, our roasters further and further improve the unique aroma and velvety texture giving that extra mile to La Brasiliana blends.

We like to think that this accurate craftmen's manufature is the key factor leading our blends to be widely appreciated by coffee lovers both in Italy and abroad.

Our values

La Brasiliana coffee is accurately manufactured with passion, responsability and consistency with our brand values.

- CUSTOMER FOCUSED APPROACH: to satisfy our customer is not enough. We target to surprise and cuddle them.

- RESPECT: we respect people working at La Brasiliana, giving them the opportunity to grow and to have success.

- INNOVATION: we have been manufacturing coffee for long, but we are still committed to innovate our products, processes and working environment.

- GUARANTEES: we are personally involved in providing guarantees about processes and products. Top quality and safety are the core values our Company relies on.

- RELIABILITY: to be a reliable partner is what we aim at. Not only we provide excellent coffee, but also we foster our customers' growth.

Quality is our commitment to our family's heritage and to our customers.

We are strongly convinced that uniqueness is the factor boosing our business since 1948. This is why our recipes are garded and improved from generation to generation.

Heritage and know - how are our strenghts.

This is why we give full information about origins and composition of our coffee blends: passion and handcraft methods are the secrets making unique La Brasiliana coffee.

Just in time manufacturing processes allow coffee to be roasted and blended when your order is placed.

Packings provide full inforation about date of packing and batch number. You will even find the name of the operator who packed your coffee.

Since 2019 we have been using aluminium - free packaging for 1 kg coffee. Packs are lighter and 100% eco friendly.