Historycal Video: An history long over than 60 years!

Interview to one of the founding members Onesta Govoni (Tina)

Espresso Step by Step

Caffè La Brasiliana: A great day starts here!

Separate roasting and Packaging

From tasting to Brasiliana to roasting

Arabica and Robusta: characteristics and selection

La Brasiliana Roasting – History from 1948 to today

La Brasiliana Roasting – our coffee tells about itself!

La Brasiliana Roasting Video Web Company Presentation


Nonno Carlo
Carlo Govoni, the founder of the company
Anni 50
The Roasting company in those days with the vintage vans

The Founders
Old roasting machine

Listino prezzi e Sacchetto
Price list in lira and bag where coffee was placed
Articolo di giornale
A little bit of history in a local newspaper

That’s how we are now!
Famiglia Govoni
A vintage portrait of Govoni's family