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Specialty Essence

100% Arabica

with Specialty Coffee Colombia Antioquia


When creating this coffee blend, our roasters accurately selected the best Arabica varieties, blended with a unique feature: a certificated Specialty Coffee from a small, family-owned plantation in Colombia.

Specialty Coffee Colombia Antioquia
Specialty coffee certificated with 87 points by Specialty Coffee Association

Plantation AA
Top quality Arabica from India. Hand-harvested and selected with "Zero Defective" standard.

Santos Alta Mogiana NY2
This coffee takes its name from the most important port for coffee exportation in Brazil. Free from black beans, Santos have a sweet, delighting taste.


Colombia Antioquia gives peach, cane sugar notes and a pleasant lemon acidity.

Plantation AA enhances the bouquet with honey, vanilla and cacao scents; Santos Alta Mogiana NY2 ends with its tipical sweet, delighting taste.


Antioquia Coffee is hand-harvested from October to January. The hand-picking process selects exclusively ripe berries. When harvested, red drupes are decorticated and fermented along 24 hours.
The day after, a second batch is harvested and mixed with the fermented berries.
This procedure is repeated tree times in 72 hours.
Washing and drying processes are run in the following 4 days. Then the coffee is ready for shipping.


Each single packing of Duchessa is a unique piece: an Italian artist created it with dripping painting tecnique, the favourite in Pollock's art.

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