From 1948, a story of passion and talent

The brilliant idea came from grandfather Carlo Govoni who, in 1948, decided to open in the historical center of Ferrara a coffee shop, a “Bottega”, putting to use that roaster that he had purchased from a deli owner and that was forgotten under the stairs for the duration of the war.

New horizons opened and the resourcefulness of grandpa Carlo was rewarded. The roaster displayed in the window drew curiosity, the wonderful aroma of coffee pleasantly pervaded the downtown streets and very soon his children Nino, Tina, Corrado and Tino began creating the first coffee blends for bars.
An errand boy of color, hired to deliver coffee by bicycle throughout the city became the symbol of a growing business.

Ailu’ wearing his red livery with blue buttons, portrayed by a painter of the time, became the trademark and logo of Torrefazione La Brasiliana.
At the end of 2013, after several adaptations to passing trends, the time came to give a newer and more modern look to the brand while maintaining clearly the connections to the past that we want to always remember.

Searching for the perfect blend

Knowledgeable commercial support, our qualified service technicians are available to solve, in real-time, any type of issues or inconveniences while training our clients to enjoy both the coffee and the equipment in the best possible way: although modern technologies have been added, nothing can substitute the skillful hands of the roasting experts. Additionally,a consistent quest for quality and a perfect balance have always been our main objectives.“Only through PASSION and KNOWLEDGE can the preparation of coffee be transformed into ART and achievements become just starting points for new experimentations.

La Brasiliana Italy

Sales are managed by one-firm agents, reliable and knowledgeable who deliver and distribute the products by providing real-time customer support and direct pre/post-sale assistance.
Professional consultation, service and equipment maintenance are possible thanks to the close-knit work of the sales team and of the in-house specialized workshop.

A warehouse in Fano with agents and a specialized workshop were born to better serve the areas of the south Romagna and the north Marche regions. Available is also a specialized dealer in Latina who covers the whole province and the neighboring areas.

Areas covered by agent

Emilia Romagna
Friuli Venezia Giulia

La Brasiliana in the World

Czech Republic

South Korea

Cafè Silesia - Poland
Aromatico - Germany
Opag - Germany
Garibaldi - Germany
Koffie Centrale - Netherland
KaffeeZentrale – Gustus Gmbh - Switzerland
H. T. - South Korea
Club Cafè - Czech Republic

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