Our suggestions to prepare an excellent La Brasiliana espresso

Arabica and Robusta: which is better?

Arabica is known as the finest coffee variety. However, we have to take into account that both low-quality Arabica and premium Robusta exist.

Of course, Arabica and Robusta, with their specific features, play complementary roles into a coffee blend:

  • Robusta gives a very rich cream, has a bitter aftertaste and a highest caffeine content.
  • Arabica gives aromatic, spicy notes and acid balance. Arabica is less creamy and caffeine content is far lower than Robusta.

Golden rules

You can select the blend that best suits your needs. When preparing espresso, dont' forget:

  • The packing should be open just before use;
  • 7 g of ground coffee for each espresso cup;
  • Perfect estraction time is 25 seconds for 25 ml of water;
  • Cups should have a temperature of 40°C.Keep them on the espresso machine
  • Demineralised water is raccomanded;
  • Ground coffee should be pressed into the filter with a 20 kg pressure. A tamper would be suggested;