We carefully carry out roasting and blending cycles, to personally guarantee the higest standard of our processes and products.

La Brasiliana blends are daily created with our heritage, know-how, technologies and - first of all - with love.


When selecting a green coffee, we previously test aromatic features of beans. Small samples are taken to ensure that the batch of coffe complies with our quality standards.

Our test protocol aims at verifying color, umidity and integrity of beans. Wheter all samples exeed our standards, the green coffee is selected and purchased.

Selected green coffee is delivered into jute bags of 60 kg each. After delivery, further tests are carried out before stocking and preparing beans for roasting.

Central America, Colombia, Brasil, Camerun, Tanzania, Vietnam, Indonesia, India are the origins we mainly deal.


Each variety of coffee has a dedicated roasting cycle, set to enhance specific aromas and flavors.

Roasting process is carried out from 170° C up to 220°/225° C.
The full process takes 16-18 minutes and requires to be constantly controlled to ensure a perfect roasting result.


People making the difference

Our roasters supervise the whole process, to make beans perfectly roasted.
Both our know-how and state-of-the-art technologies allow top quality roasting standards: every bean have to comply with color and aroma requirements to be part of our blends.


Fresh-roasted coffee is still changing his features. To preserve aroma and taste, we take care of beans even when the roasting process is over.

Roasting process ends with a cooling treatment. Then the coffee is let to rest for approximately 4 - 6 days.
During the rest period, coffee releases carbon dioxide until steady state. As soon as the product is stable, it is ready for blending.


Different varieties of sabilized coffee beans are mixed to create La Brasiliana blends. Blending process is carried out just before packing, to deliver our customers extra-fresh products. .

Varieties making up a blend enhance each other and create a unique, caressing aroma.

Each batch is carefully manufactured according to our customers' needs and requirements. Delivery time is less than 10 days from order.



Packing is carried out with state-of-the-art technologies, complying with the highest safety and healty standards. Our specialized operators oversee the packing process. The name of the operator is printed on the packaging, giving you full information about people who prepared your own kilos of coffee.

Special packing materials and a check-valve allow optimum conservation of coffee blend aroma, taste and features.


Our golden rules for coffee making

  • 7g of ground coffee per cup
  • Water temperature must be from 85 up to 95° (depending on the blend)
  • Ground coffee should be compressed into the filter applying a 20 kg pressure. A tamper would be suggested;
  • Demineralised water is reccomanded;
  • Working pressures at which the machine is likely to be used is8,5 - 9 bar
  • Perfect extraction time is 25 seconds for a 25ml cup of coffe. If extraction time is different, a grinding improvement could be required;
  • To enhance aromas, serving temperature should be 67° C . Keep your cups on the espresso machine maintaining a temperature of 40°C.

For further details, take a look to our tuturial or contact us.