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Coffee cream and cream of whisky
3 November 2016
What Caffeine is?
3 November 2016


The warm weather is arriving and the same variations that are offered by espresso we find them in the cold coffee…just to complicate the life of bartenders a little bit! The important thing is that both the bartender and the client have the same notions.  Here is a short list in order to have very clear ideas:

– COFFEE ON ICE It is typical recipe of the Salento area and it is prepared with just made coffee, sweetened to taste and poured into the glass with a few ice cubes. Add some almond milk to taste instead of the sugar.

– SHAKED COFFEE Espresso coffee, sugar, ice cubes.  All the ingredients shaken energetically, become more foamy than coffee on ice and it is served without the ice cubes. The official recipe calls for the addition of a little vanilla liquor or whisky cream straight into the shaker.

– SLUSH COFFEE Typical of the Amalfi coast, it is obtained by keeping the coffee at a freezing temperature while constantly shaking it to avoid its freezing.  Poured for the client, it looks semi-liquid and with abundant ice crystals.

– CAFÉ ROYAL MILKSHAKE It is in every way a cocktail, which is prepared by putting in the shaker a third of cold coffee and two thirds of cognac.  It is then poured into a short glass filled with crushed ice.

– HALF COLD Typical of the eastern part of Sicily calls for slowly cooling the espresso and then serving it in the classic bitter liquor glass with coffee slush.  Those with a sweet tooth, can add whipped cream.

– THE VIETNAMESE VARIANT in Vietnam coffee is prepared with a procedure similar to that of the old Neapolitan coffee pot (if one is not available, the stove top coffee maker will work). The cold version calls for an inch of condensed milk in a glass, add the coffee, mix well and finish with a few ice cubes.


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