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Ferrara Headquarters: Via V. Veneziani 52 - 44124 Ferrara
Phone: 0532 975190


Fano (PU) Headquarters: Via delle Ginestre 21/a – 61032 Fano
Phone: 0721 800214

A guaranteed technical support service is a great asset.

Our technical service team operates out of 2 locations, the main garage in Ferrara and the detached warehouse in Fano.

La Brasiliana technicians are skilled in the reconditioning and maintenance of all our equipment: coffee machine, coffee grinder, cup washer, etc.

As a La Brasiliana customer you will get a direct line to the service department, to request assistance or to receive tips on routine maintenance.

A trained technician will address your inquiries and find the best, fastest and most efficient solution for you.

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Phone: +39 0532 97 51 90
Ferrara Headquarters: Via V. Veneziani, 52 44124 Ferrara
Torrefazione La Brasiliana Srl | Via V. Veneziani, 52 44124 Ferrara | Phone: (+39) 0532 97 51 90 | VAT ID: 01515820387 | Business Registry No. 173990
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Fano Branch (PU): Via delle Ginestre 21/a – 61032 Fano – Phone: 0721 800214

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