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Founded in 1948 in Ferrara by Carlo Govoni, La Brasiliana has become a long-held symbol of Italian coffee excellence. Each generation of the Govoni family, from Carlo to Gian Carlo, Pierluigi and Elisabetta, has contributed to the company's development, maintaining a constant commitment to quality, innovation and sustainability. Today, with more than 75 years of history, La Brasiliana represents the Italian espresso in the world, faithful to a family legacy that celebrates the culture of high quality coffee.
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Experience a unique journey by diving into the world of coffee with a visit to La Brasiliana. Discover the journey of the coffee bean, from the selection to the cup, and observe the art of roasting up close. Enjoy our exclusive blends in a guided tasting session that will reveal the secrets of fine coffee. Book your tour and get caught up in our passion for coffee, discovering the dedication and attention to details that define every stage of our production process.
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Private Customers

Explore the e-commerce section of La Brasiliana: Arabica and Robusta blends, single-servings and decaffeinated for all tastes. Quality and sustainability delivered directly to your home.
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Professionals Lines

La Brasiliana is the partner of excellence in the Ho.Re.Ca. world, offering quality blends and professional training. We combine tradition and innovation for a coffee that will make the real difference in this field.
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Every bean we select is sourced from the best plantations, chosen for a variety of unique qualities and for the ability to reflect the richness of the land from which it comes. We cross mountains and valleys, from Brazil to Vietnam, from Colombia to India, to bringing you only the best that nature has to offer, maintaining our ongoing commitment to sustainable practices that respect the environment as well as local communities.

We welcome you to explore our world: from traditional blends that have made countless generations fall in love, to new products that bring current trends into the cup without ever losing the everlasting link with our heritage. Every sip of La Brasiliana is a journey into a world of coffee excellence, where tradition and innovation meet to give you unique moments of pure pleasure.

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Phone: +39 0532 97 51 90
Ferrara Headquarters: Via V. Veneziani, 52 44124 Ferrara
Torrefazione La Brasiliana Srl | Via V. Veneziani, 52 44124 Ferrara | Phone: (+39) 0532 97 51 90 | VAT ID: 01515820387 | Business Registry No. 173990
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Fano Branch (PU): Via delle Ginestre 21/a – 61032 Fano – Phone: 0721 800214

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