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Experience the unique essence of our coffee. Visits are open to everyone, both curious and professional, we offer tours that unveil the secrets of our blends.

Visit our company

Dive into the world of La Brasiliana with a visit to our roasting plant. A unique experience that will take you through the journey of the coffee bean, from the selection to the cup. You will be introduced to the secrets of roasting, ripening and resting the beans, witnessing our passion and dedication for quality coffee.

 The guided tour also offers the opportunity to taste different blends, appreciating the importance of each stage in developing flavour and aroma. It is an opportunity to feel our history, get to know our family and discover the values that have inspired La Brasiliana for generations. Book now for an exciting experience in the pulse of coffee culture.

Who we address

La Brasiliana warmly welcomes coffee professionals and enthusiasts eager to improve their knowledge and skills:


We offer customised workshops to explore advanced extraction and brewing techniques, raising the art of espresso and cappuccino to a new level.


We collaborate with schools to enrich their curricula with practical and thematic workshops, sharing the passion and know-how needed to stand out in the coffee game.

Coffee shops

We organise customised meetings for both entrepreneurs and staff, focusing on enhancing their coffee offerings and improving the final customer experience, through the selection of the most suitable blends and innovative brewing techniques. The door is open to whoever wants to explore the coffee world and the non-compromising quality that La Brasiliana is committed to supply.

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Phone: +39 0532 97 51 90
Ferrara Headquarters: Via V. Veneziani, 52 44124 Ferrara
Torrefazione La Brasiliana Srl | Via V. Veneziani, 52 44124 Ferrara | Phone: (+39) 0532 97 51 90 | VAT ID: 01515820387 | Business Registry No. 173990
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Fano Branch (PU): Via delle Ginestre 21/a – 61032 Fano – Phone: 0721 800214

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