Other Products

Not just coffee. Explore our barley, ginseng, tea and chocolate offerings. Quality and taste for every one's preference

Other Products

At La Brasiliana, the passion for coffee spreads to a full selection of other products, offering quality options for all tastes. From barley and ginseng, ideal for those seeking alternatives to regular coffee, to our selections of teas and infusions, perfect for more relaxing moments. 

There is no lack of delicious options such as our hot chocolate, available in several variations to please just about every taste bud. Explore our range of organic and instant products, tailored for those who don't want to trade off taste and convenience.
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Phone: +39 0532 97 51 90
Email: info@labrasiliana.it
Ferrara Headquarters: Via V. Veneziani, 52 44124 Ferrara
Torrefazione La Brasiliana Srl | Via V. Veneziani, 52 44124 Ferrara | Phone: (+39) 0532 97 51 90 | VAT ID: 01515820387 | Business Registry No. 173990
For information: info@labrasiliana.it
Support: officina@labrasiliana.it
Certified Email: torrefazionelabrasiliana@pec.it

Fano Branch (PU): Via delle Ginestre 21/a – 61032 Fano – Phone: 0721 800214

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